PennyFix Grant Application

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Our current grant offering is up to $2000 to be used for spay and neuter surgeries. If rabies and distemper vaccines are administered during the surgery, the grant will also cover those vaccines.

PennyFix Grant Process
  1. Apply for a grant using the application below.
  2. We review the application and send an email placing your organization on our waitlist.
  3. The organization is approved for a grant and the Memo of Understanding is sent to be signed.
  4. The signed MoU is received, and 90 days begins to complete the spay and neuter surgeries.
  5. Invoices and release forms are received and reviewed.
  6. Our treasurer mails the organization the grant check within 7 days.

Current Update:  All organizations that apply will be placed on our waitlist and contacted as donations are available.  If you have already applied and received an email that you are on our waitlist, you do not need to apply again.  

If you have any questions, please email or call our president, Lynn Stitt at 717-469-2540.

Grant Application

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