How It Works

How does PennyFix work?

Our Dream of How it Works

One penny will be added to each can of pet food sold.  Those pennies will be used solely to provide spaying and neutering, distemper vaccines, and rabies vaccines for all cats and dogs in the United States.

Making a difference is not going to cost pet food purchasers a lot more money.  We hope they will see the benefit in paying just a penny more per can of food bought.  Every pet owner in the United States should have access to have their pets spayed or neutered regardless of cost.  PennyFix hopes to make that a reality.

Millions of tax dollars are spent annually to care for, shelter, or euthanize stray, abandoned and unwanted pets. Through PennyFix, all strays, ferals, and owned dogs and cats could be sterilized thus reducing the population by millions and eliminating the state and local money needed for animal control.

Currently, PennyFix is run solely on donations.  To donate, please click here!  Thank you for your support!

Community Cats

Spaying and neutering is the best method for managing community cat populations. Euthanizing community cats is only a temporary fix as more cats will move into the area and cats who are still living there will continue to reproduce. PennyFix will provide free spaying and neutering to community cats at no additional cost to those who do not care for pets, whether they are owned or community cats.



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